To-Do Lists for my To-Do Lists

I cant help myself I love writing out a to-do list. I always have a planner and a notebook to write stuff down that I need to remember to do or get. I have probable a thousand lists lying around (only a slight exaggeration). Eventually I was bound to make a separate to do list for blogging. That eventually finally happened yesterday! Continue reading


I’m Back Again!

My ability to post regularly is abysmal. but I’m working on it. Like everything else in my life it’s a work in progress.But I’m  getting back to photo shoots thanks to my talented photographer friend Michelle.Shes great really if you need pictures contact her on instagram @raemoondoe. Continue reading

My Portfolio

Hello Lovelies!

Yet again I have been failing at updating my blog. Well fingers crossed that my poor blogging streak is behind me for good. I’m back to pursuing my passions and well just generally getting my shit together. In other news about pursuing my passions I created a new online portfolio. Its a work in progress still but so far I feel like it shows my work well. Now I just have to do more work to post up. Check it out …

Tea time

I’m addicted to milk tea! I found this place in San Gabriel that I’m in love with. Part of me want to move there just to be closer to it ha ha. It’s called TBAY it you live near LA I recommend making the trip to get some.

 If you have a favorite place to get tea or coffee let me know what it is and where it’s at. I love trying new places and I’m always up for an adventure!