Snow Day

We took an adventure to the mountains today for a friends birthday. Also it was my very first time frolicking in the snow. Let me say it was magical! The snow was amazing it drifted beautifully to the ground as if I were in a snow globe. Now I have the dreamy pretty description out of the way here is my second thoughts on snow. It is so slippery, I almost fell so many times I am really surprised I didn’t and it is so cold, so so cold. My snow day was everything I had hoped for. I had an amazing time, threw some snowballs, made a tiny snow man, and got snowflakes stuck in my hair.

Outfit details:

Sweater: Wet Seal

Jacket: O’Neill

Jeans: Anchor Blue

Boots: Naya

Necklace: gift

Make-up: Ulta lip stain, EFL eyeliner, Urban Decay Mascara


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