My Distressed Denim

I did my first Fashion DIY project to share with all of you! I love distressed denim however being the detail oriented person that I am I can rarely find anything I can fall in love with enough to buy. I am working with a tight budget and usually the things I like are not in my budget, and what is I don’t usually like.  So I end up making a lot of my clothes or I alter them to get the perfect fit or to just make it a bit cuter and more me.

Of course I had to put together a cute outfit to wear with my newly DIY-ed jeans, not to mention my outfit is ridiculously affordable. The whole outfit cost me less than $40.  I choose a statement necklace from Pay-less only $5, I know not where you think to go for jewelry but they have amazing deals on some nice accessories as well as shoes. I am also wearing a sheer button up from Forever 21, so not my favorite place to shop but I wandered in one day and found it on the clearance rack for only $8. Lastly my wedge booties from Nordstrom rack on sale for $20! The jeans were given to me by my mom so I didn’t even have to spend any money there.


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