Distressed Denim Tutorial

DIY projects are so much fun and it is a really great way to customize your wardrobe. To start off my first do it yourself project I decided to show you all how to distress your own jeans! I know distressed jeans are pretty much a basic now and if you are as picky as me you probably can’t find a pair that is just right. Or this could also work for you of you get a hole or if you get a little stain on your favorite jeans that you just can’t part with ( I have a few of those) This DIY gives those jeans a new life and more time in your closet.


Now keep in mind this project is a bit tedious and time consuming, also it takes patience.

Step 1: Mark where you want the distressing  to go.

Step 2 :Cut the line with a pair of scissors. Be careful to only cut the front of the jeans or just the layer you want distressed. It works best to cut strips that are 1″ apart to make removing the vertical threads easier

Step 3:  Using a pin or a safety pin pull the horizontal( usually white) threads out. This will help loosen the vertical threads making them easier to remove.

Step 4:  Now that there is a few horizontal strings detached you can start pulling out the vertical ones. Using a pin to pull out the thread in the middle (shown in the picture on the left).  It may take a little time and a magnifying glass to see the individual treads. You only want to start out by pulling one thread at a time to loosen up the weave.

Step 5:  After you have removed a few of the vertical threads using the pin the rest of the ones we are trying to remove will be easier to just pull out from the edges.

Now just continue the tread pulling process on all of your cuts for newly distressed denim.

Here is the finished product..



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