Looking good on a Small Budget

I am a fashion addict on an incredibly small shopping budget. So being the thrifty DIY girl that I am I love to make the most of my money. You know get the biggest bang for your buck and all that jazz. Any how I personally think I am an amazing sale shopper. I mean my whole outfit above cost me a whopping $15. There were a few pieces gifted to me by my mom but she also got them at super awesome prices, she maybe spent $6 of my jeans and the shoes. That brings the overall cost of my outfit to $21. I thought I would share with all you lovely people a few of my shopping tips.


1.Thrift stores:

second hand clothes may put you off but really if you can find the right places you can get some really great stuff. I found my clutch at a thrift store for $4! The thrift store I went to has special sales on the weekends so the whole store was and extra 50% off the marked prices and all the clothes were already $1. The Salvation Army thrift stores has theses type of sales all the time also check smaller church owned stores they have really great prices.

2. Swap meets/Flea markets:

Great place to find clothes if you don’t mind digging. A lot of the people there sell the jeans for only $1 which is why my mom has what seems to be an infinite stock. Theses are great for the DIY distressed denim projects that I do. You can also try to talk the people selling into lowering the price a bit or giving you a better deal if you buy more items.

3. Sample Sales:

Going to a brands or websites sample sale can lead to some amazing shopping finds. Of course majority of sample sales are in California or New York but don’t get discouraged Look in any major city near you to see if and brands you like have their head quarters or warehouse.

4. Instagram:

Follow your favorite shops and sites to find out about all of their latest sales. I follow several of my favorites and their Instagram feeds keep me posted on any major sales or sample sales happening soon.

5. Never Pay Full Price:

This is a big one for me. Working in retail for a few years has taught me a few things, mainly everything goes on sale! If you find something you really like chances are next week it will be on sale. If the item you liked sold out oh well it wasn’t meant to be this also give you the chance to find something better. You can also shop the discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s to find some amazing designer discounts.

6. Blogger collaborations:

There are a lot of small online stores or local boutiques that could use some social media assistance. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask if the do collaborations. If you have a nice camera or have a friend who is a photographer you can ask if they are willing to give you a sample for high quality image of their product. Side note it also helps if you have a lot of followers in some cases.

Outfit Details:

Top: Elison Elison Elison ( from Shop Ruche)-$10

Bottoms: City Streets- $1 (I distressed these myself)

Necklace: Ashley Lane Company- Blogger collaboration- $0

Shoes: D (a swapmeet find from my mom)- $5

Bag: No brand tag thrift store find- $5

Photography by the lovely Luisa


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