Handmade Pencil Skirt

If I had the time and resources I would love to make almost all of my clothes, not all of them because I love to shop. Sadly however I do not have the time and I only have limited resources, but I do as the ever wise Tim Gunn would say and I make it work!

This week I am wearing a pencil skirt designed and sewn by me . It has to be one of the most comfy things I have ever made. Its made out of a fleece sweatshirt material with the super soft inside. This fabric is great! it’s flattering because it’s not too thin, it’s warm but still breathable material, also it is super easy to sew. Also another great thing about making my own clothes is that they always fit properly, so I always look amazing. 🙂  Also I get to make clothes that make me feel great and fit my style.


DSC03116Floral Top: Papaya

Chambray Shirt:Fashion Q

Skirt: Purely Jessica Designs

Handbag: amazing thrift store find $5

Shoes: Another amazing thrift store find $5

Jewelry: a vintage initial necklace from my grandma, a vintage bolo thing, and one from a call it spring set. Bracelet Forever 21

Photo Credit:  Luisa Lucia 


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