DIY Skirt

So I have been working on this DIY for a while, and admittedly I forgot about it among all my wedding planning. Also I was actually quiet worried as to whether or not it made sense to other people so I had some friends read it over, Any how here is my very first DIY tutorial. I hope this helps those of you interested in making your own clothes. DSC_0045This is the picture of my own DIY self made skirt to get an idea of the yours could look like. Don’t forget you can make your own changes to the skirt like making it a maxi skirt, a high low hem, add a slit, or even add multiple layers. How your final product looks is up to you. Now in the words of the ever amazing Tim Gunn ” Make it Work!”

Click the link below to open up the DIY file to see how it is done.

DIY Skirt


If you have any questions ask me in the comments below, or if you would like to show off your own skirt show me I would love to see them.

What DIY would you like to see next?


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