Finding my Style

I have been trying out new looks lately trying to find my style. I usually dress a bit conservatively and more covered but I’m getting more confident and comfortable showing a bit more skin, as well as showing off my tattoos. I am stepping slowly out of my comfort zone but I like where I am headed. After all confidence is the key to pulling off any outfit and looking amazing. If you are not all that confident in yourself people can tell. To be honest I have never been  a very confident person so lately I’ve been working on that. I am on a mission to build some confidence as well as find my style. It’s like an adventure to find me and my style.

I am finding that I really like wide variety of looks as well as different styles. I think my personal style is a mix of Nichole Richie and Zoey Deschanel . So its an edgy boho meets vintage girly thing I have going on, well that is what I’m going for anyway. This look is more edgy and boho I think though, but I really liked wearing it and I was comfortable. As long as it makes you feel good and it’s not too terribly uncomfortable work it like you’re a super model!

I feel like everyone’s style is always evolving and becoming true to who they are at the time. So who knows in a few years maybe my style will change again. For now though I’ll just wear what makes me feel amazing and fits well of course.  What is your style right now?


Outfit Details:

Top: Forever 21

Jacket: H&M

Bralette: Aerie(American Eagle)

Jeans: Purely Jessica  (DIY by me)

Shoes: Qupid

Necklace: Vintage (from my mom)

Bag: thrift store find


Photo Credit: Luisa Lucia from Style me senseless


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