New Things Are Coming!!!

I’ve started working on my new collection. I have a vague idea of the look I’m going for but its gets more and more clear with each piece that I make. So far I have  this halter top I’ve made and a few other pieces in the begging stages and some sketches. The collection as a whole will be this eclectic bohemian vintage mash up. So far I really like where I’m headed with this. My design process is a bit chaotic and I just kind of go with the flow. My first top it a very simple single seam draped halter. I wore it out to Unique LA last weekend with my friend and it was so comfortable! I couldn’t not wear it I do have to test out my designs for comfort style, and practicality after all. Here are some shoots we took while out in L.A. of me modeling the first piece of the collection.



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