The End of Summer

I have been to busy living my life this summer to bother updating my blog and I apologize. I know I have been dearly missed.My life is interesting and eventful to say the least and I will probably open up about it one day but today is not the day to dive into my previous chapters. So I will dazzle you with my fashion sense now, which I have noticed I think I am getting a bit more daring in my outfits. Now on to my favorite summer outfit and nothing screams summer like a day at the beach. Personally I wonder if it really is summer if you don’t make at least one beach trip?? Then again I live in Southern California where we have easy access to the beach and nearly perfect weather all year long.

I have a tenancy to get cold fairly easily so I usually like to layer my clothes. I decided to wear a low cut spaghetti strap romper, with a cute lace bustier style bra underneath and a semi sheer button up tied around my waist. Obviously with a romper cut this low unless i go bra-less any bra will be seen so I went with a really cute white lace one I actually wanted to show off (Style tip if you cant hide it show it off). And I kept it simple with my accessories and shoes, I wore a long floral pendant necklace and strappy sandals. I kept my outfit casual enough for the beach while being stylish and comfortable. Also dressing  comfy meant  I could ride the merry go round at the Santa Monica Pier!

I love that kind of stuff, easiest way to make me happy or like you more bubble tea and a swing set or merry go round.dsc_0282



Outfit Details

Bra: Target

Button Up: Aerie

Shoes and Romper: Bought from the Fashion District in DTLA

Necklace: Handmade( because I’m crafty and shit)


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