DIY, Fashion

Sassy Summer Maxi

My ability to post regularly is abysmal. but I’m working on it. Like everything else in my life it’s a work in progress.But I’m  getting back to photo shoots thanks to my talented photographer friend Michelle. She is really great at what she does, if you need pictures contact her on instagram @raemoondoe. This shoot we took pictures of some of the stuff I’ve made in hopes that it would get me off my ass and out of this rut I’m in. Its a slow progress but progress none the less. I’m mildly obsessed with this maxi dress I made, to be honest. It is the perfect summer dress breezy, the right amount of sexy, and flowers because everyone loves a good floral print. Here are more pictures, if your interested in this dress or a DIY for a sassy summer maxi feel free comment.




On to my mini life update. Last week I turned 27. As my BFF’s sister told me, it was my golden birthday. I turned 27 on the 27th. I didn’t know it was a thing but I went with it. I had a great birthday this year. Which given my past track record with my birthdays I was pleasantly surprised and thrilled. I know I am an extremely lucky girl to have the amazing friends, who are basically m extended family, that are part of my life. Also shout out to my boyfriend for making me feel like a spoiled princess. Now that I’m 27 I find myself thinking, what have I been doing with my life? I know there is no comparing my life to someone else’s because well… there’s just no one else like me. We all have out path and our ups and downs goals, dreams and so on. Now is just my time in life to finally focus on my own goals. Like blogging more and networking and figuring out my niche and over all style.


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