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From Curtains to Crop Tops

Being the craft lady that I am, I immediately think of what I can make when I see some fabric or anything really. Even if its already a clothing item I evaluate it to see if there is anything I would change. Which is partially why I’m such a picky shopper. When I do go shopping this is my thought process:

1 Do I love this?

2. Does it fit well?

3. Is there anything I would change?

4. How good does my butt look? (Or any part really if i’m buying something I want to look amazing!)

All the questions I ask myself kind of just lead back to the first one but overall I save myself quite a bit of money on not buying things I’m not totally in love with. I also recommend you ask yourself these questions when you’re shopping too.

This however has not stopped my ever growing fabric collection. So my sewing possibilities are endless when it comes to that. The hard part is picking the perfect design for the fabric. I can have a vision but the fabric might not cooperate with what I want it to do. However most of the time I have my Tim Gunn moment and make it work! Which it how I came up with this cute little sheer crop top, made from what used to be my grandmothers curtains. To give the top a little pop I added colorful beads to the neckline for a bit of embellishment. I’m debating the idea of starting up my DIY tutorials again so If you are interested in some do it yourself fun let me know in the comments below.




Outfit Details:

Handmade Crop Top

Victoria’s Secret Lace Bandeau

Wet Seal Scalloped Mini Skirt

Bamboo Chunky platform heels

Earrings most likely from Clair’s ( I cant remember)




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