To-Do Lists for my To-Do Lists

I cant help myself I love writing out a to-do list. I always have a planner and a notebook to write stuff down that I need to remember to do or get. I have probable a thousand lists lying around (only a slight exaggeration). Eventually I was bound to make a separate to do list for blogging. That eventually finally happened yesterday! I designed my own mini weekly blogging to-do sheet. I will more then likely alter it to fit whatever needs come up for me but I figured since I wanted a nice to-do list you all would to. So I’m sharing my blank sheet with you. Feel free to download whatever color or pattern you want. I will also be working on making it better so any comments about it I would love to hear from you all in the comments below.



2 thoughts on “To-Do Lists for my To-Do Lists”

    1. I like to separate my to do lists between personal, work and business most of the time . I feel like it keeps me more organized.


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