Power Pants

I adore these pants! They make me feel like a million bucks. Now I understant the feeling a power suit gave women in the 80's The texture, the color, the fit it's perfection for my style. Which is very eclectic, I lile alot of different things I cant help it. My sisters think I dress… Continue reading Power Pants

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Model status….

Earlier this year I did some modeling for a friend, He's a photographer for Cotton Hood Apparel also an amazing style blogger himself check out his stuff here. He needed a model and I wasn't really doing anything so for a Sunday afternoon I was a model. Now were not talking big budget assistant and… Continue reading Model status….


To-Do Lists for my To-Do Lists

I cant help myself I love writing out a to-do list. I always have a planner and a notebook to write stuff down that I need to remember to do or get. I have probable a thousand lists lying around (only a slight exaggeration). Eventually I was bound to make a separate to do list… Continue reading To-Do Lists for my To-Do Lists