The End of Summer

I have been to busy living my life this summer to bother updating my blog and I apologize. I know I have been dearly missed.My life is interesting and eventful to say the least and I will probably open up about it one day but today is not the day to dive into my previous… Continue reading The End of Summer


San Francisco

I went on first ever solo adventure. It was pretty amazing I took a little road trip up to San Francisco a few weeks ago.┬áThe drive wasn't bad about 6 hours, it gave me a lot of time to think and listen to copious amounts of music. I didn't get any fashion shots of my… Continue reading San Francisco


Finding my Style

I have been trying out new looks lately trying to find my style. I usually dress a bit conservatively and more covered but I'm getting more confident and comfortable showing a bit more skin, as well as showing off my tattoos. I am stepping slowly out of my comfort zone but I like where I… Continue reading Finding my Style