My Fall Closet

I love fall, because this means I get to layer my clothes and wear cozy outfits. But I live in California and it is still pretty warm here which means I have to get a bit creative with my fall looks. I am usually looking for ways to bring trends into my wardrobe without spending… Continue reading My Fall Closet


Handmade Pencil Skirt

If I had the time and resources I would love to make almost all of my clothes, not all of them because I love to shop. Sadly however I do not have the time and I only have limited resources, but I do as the ever wise Tim Gunn would say and I make it… Continue reading Handmade Pencil Skirt

DIY, Fashion

DIY to a custom Closet: It’s all about the small details

I love making my own clothes, but of course I don't always have time for making everything so I do like to do a lot of DIY stuff. Like customizing some of my basic wardrobe pieces. It does not have to be completely changing the piece or anything drastic or complicated, I like to keep… Continue reading DIY to a custom Closet: It’s all about the small details


Looking good on a Small Budget

I am a fashion addict on an incredibly small shopping budget. So being the thrifty DIY girl that I am I love to make the most of my money. You know get the biggest bang for your buck and all that jazz. Any how I personally think I am an amazing sale shopper. I mean… Continue reading Looking good on a Small Budget


Style Crush: Keiko Lynn

I am 100% in love with this amazing bloggers style for so many reasons. First she mixes prints like a pro and doesn't look like she got dressed in the dark. Which is kind of how I feel about a lot of mixed print outfits. Second, she isn't afraid to wear anything really. I love… Continue reading Style Crush: Keiko Lynn