The End of Summer

I have been to busy living my life this summer to bother updating my blog and I apologize. I know I have been dearly missed.My life is interesting and eventful to say the least and I will probably open up about it one day but today is not the day to dive into my previous… Continue reading The End of Summer


OOTD: Cargo Pants

Outfit details: Top: Chloe & Katie  (Marshalls) Pants:Wax Jeans  (G-Stage) Necklace: Old piece from Tilly's ( I think) Shoes: Bamboo ( Beanie:  Made by me!!


New Things Are Coming!!!

I've started working on my new collection. I have a vague idea of the look I'm going for but its gets more and more clear with each piece that I make. So far I have  this halter top I've made and a few other pieces in the begging stages and some sketches. The collection as… Continue reading New Things Are Coming!!!