The End of Summer

I have been to busy living my life this summer to bother updating my blog and I apologize. I know I have been dearly missed.My life is interesting and eventful to say the least and I will probably open up about it one day but today is not the day to dive into my previous… Continue reading The End of Summer

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Me, Myself and I

I've spent a lot of time over the past few years trying to make other people happy. It was draining and in the end it doesn't work out. The past few months I've been really figuring out who I am, and I have to say I love the new me or the real me. I'm… Continue reading Me, Myself and I


Looking good on a Small Budget

I am a fashion addict on an incredibly small shopping budget. So being the thrifty DIY girl that I am I love to make the most of my money. You know get the biggest bang for your buck and all that jazz. Any how I personally think I am an amazing sale shopper. I mean… Continue reading Looking good on a Small Budget