Sewing again… 

If feels like forever since I've sewn my own designs, I've missed it. It's actually really therapeutic for me. I've been so busy lately with work and life. That its had to have a moment to myself let alone time to sew for my own collection.  Here is a bralette I took the time to… Continue reading Sewing again… 


Handmade Pencil Skirt

If I had the time and resources I would love to make almost all of my clothes, not all of them because I love to shop. Sadly however I do not have the time and I only have limited resources, but I do as the ever wise Tim Gunn would say and I make it… Continue reading Handmade Pencil Skirt


My Distressed Denim

I did my first Fashion DIY project to share with all of you! I love distressed denim however being the detail oriented person that I am I can rarely find anything I can fall in love with enough to buy. I am working with a tight budget and usually the things I like are not… Continue reading My Distressed Denim


Handmade Floral Skirt

I love making clothes! After all I did study Fashion Design in college. My personal style tends to lean towards a slightly more vintage style. I make this floral pencil skirt about a year ago I think but I don't really have the occasion to wear it. But I have decided I need to dress… Continue reading Handmade Floral Skirt


1920’s Inspired Bridesmaids Dresses

I have been crazy busy the last few weeks putting the finishing touches on a custom order for a friend of a friends wedding party. It was a lot of fun to do and they came out beautifully, I may be biased because I made them but whatever I think they look great. Also the… Continue reading 1920’s Inspired Bridesmaids Dresses