Finding my Style

I have been trying out new looks lately trying to find my style. I usually dress a bit conservatively and more covered but I'm getting more confident and comfortable showing a bit more skin, as well as showing off my tattoos. I am stepping slowly out of my comfort zone but I like where I… Continue reading Finding my Style


DIY Skirt

So I have been working on this DIY for a while, and admittedly I forgot about it among all my wedding planning. Also I was actually quiet worried as to whether or not it made sense to other people so I had some friends read it over, Any how here is my very first DIY… Continue reading DIY Skirt


Looking good on a Small Budget

I am a fashion addict on an incredibly small shopping budget. So being the thrifty DIY girl that I am I love to make the most of my money. You know get the biggest bang for your buck and all that jazz. Any how I personally think I am an amazing sale shopper. I mean… Continue reading Looking good on a Small Budget